Artist: Josh Hanson, Sean Ongley
Release Date: November 24, 2023
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Run Time: 28 Minutes
Producer: Sean Ongley
Cover Art: Heidi Schwegler

Presenting 2009 by Josh Hanson & Sean Ongley. This album was produced in the year of its title and never was properly released. It is an experimental collaboration between two electronic music artists with very different approaches.

Josh created nine soundscapes using his modular analog synthesis equipment recorded directly to cassette tapes via the classic Tascam 4-track Portastudio. He presented a series of nine moody soundscapes in total, structured but wide open for development.

Sean transferred those tracks into Pro Tools 5.1, remixed, and contributed additional performances using the ARP Odyssey Mk2 and Roland VK1 analog synthesizers. Using digital editing techniques with both jazz and pop concepts in mind, he arranged the tracks provided by Hanson into a structure while adding color.

Enjoy this minimal music player and stream this album for free.

Official Music Video for “Lost to the Ages”