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Anybody can become a THRU Producer by making a contribution to our work. If you have found value in our free content, contribute today.

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In the value-for-value (V4V) system, anybody can produce media with their time, talent, or treasure. It is a decentralized crowd-sourcing method that does not involve any form of exclusivity of distribution.

Rather than placing our content behind walls, and our marketing efforts toward corporate sponsors and venture capitalists, V4V opens the floor to all individuals at any level that they can support.

There may be a hierarchy of recognition comparable to corporate media, for example a project can ask for X dollars for a person to be recognized as an Executive Producer, and Y to be an Associate Producer.

These kind of packages allow the public to fund projects before they are published. Whereas to become a Contributor is anonymous and doesn’t fund specific projects.

V4V is crowd-sourcing without the third party, with their percentage, their rules, and their opportunity to regulate content.

We put out the content as a labor of love without using monetization or paywalls, and we ask the audience to provide any contribution they can for the content, if they found value in it.

Please email if you are interested in providing Time, Talent, or any other in-kind contribution to become a Thru Producer.