I’d Rather Not Talk About It

Release Date: February 12, 2017
Run Time: 18 min 15 sec
Format: 16:9 at 1080p
Director: Forrest Brennan / Sean Ongley
Synopsis: A concert film featuring Chris Johnedis and Holland Andrews performing as I’d Rather Not Talk About It, at Creative Music Guild’s Improvisation Summit of Portland.

Presenting I’d Rather Not Talk About It, a concert film shot on two cameras to the side and back of the audience, on standard tripods. This is no frills. It is as spontaneous as the performance itself.

The stage is stark, with no colored lights or automated effects. The setting is in the vast warehouse gallery space in North Portland called Disjecta. Holland’s mesmerizing presence backed by Johnedis’ smoothly arithmetic drums travel through a series of crescendos and solos.

This video ran on Portland’s Open Signal television stations in repetition.

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Full Credits

Co-Directed by Forrest Brennan and Sean Ongley
Camera 1: Forrest Brennan
Camera 2: Sean Ongley
Audio Recordist: Branic Howard
Editor: Sean Ongley