Thru the Fan with Estevan and Nicholas Munoz

Release Date: January 18, 2016
Run Time: 3 min, 10 sec
Format: 16:9 at 720p
Director: Forrest Brennan
Synopsis: Sean sits down with Estevan and Nicholas Munoz for a close-up interview about their new film Este Does Not Make a Movie.

Ahead of the Portland Premiere of their film Este Does Not Make a Movie, the Thru crew got together in their apartment to make a satirical interview show. Sean purposefully asks confused or irrelevant questions to Nicholas and Estevan who play along

“Thru the Fan” is a play on the popular Between Two Ferns, but perhaps in hindsight “Tiny Couch” would have been a funny new ongoing series of humorous interviews about serious projects.

Standing alone however, this is still a funny video, showcasing the comedic chops of three genuine performers.

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Forrest Brennan, Videographer
Kathleen Dolan, Line Producer
Hosted by Sean Ongley
Featuring Estevan and Nicholas Munoz