World Wide Wall

Release Date: Nov 19 2016
Run Time: 21 min, 35 sec
Format: 16:9 at 1080p
Co-Directors: Kathleen Dolan, Forrest Brennan, Sean Ongley
Synopsis: Two artists who never met before are put together on a commission to design and install a grand mural for the Portland Mercado.

Presenting World Wide Wall, a documentary that follows the process of one mural installation at The Portland Mercado, a marketplace featuring food, arts, and crafts from latin-heritage vendors in a Southeast Portland, Oregon neighborhood.

Rachel Oleson and Pablo Solares were selected together in a public submission process to design and install a mural. Although the intention was to work with just one artist, The Mercado wanted them both. They had never worked together, but they agreed to do it, and we follow them from the design process, into the studio, and the final touches of the installation.

Edited for distribution on public television, this film ran on Portland’s Open Signal television stations for several months.

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Co-Directed by Forrest Brennan, Kathleen Dolan, and Sean Ongley
Forrest Brennan, Videography
Kathleen Dolan, Line Producer, Camera Operator
Sean Ongley, Editor, Camera Operator, Audio Recordist

Featuring Rachel Oleson and Pablo Solares